Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Our major goal in the Lab is to train qualified professionals to work in academia and/or industry. However, students are also encouraged to acquire an entrepreneurial culture. Then, they are motivated to innovate, create and take risks, participating of some private and governmental initiatives such as:

  • SEBRAE CATALISA ICT Challenge. Students and researchers can learn with SEBRAE TEAM how to change their academic research into innovative businesses for Brazil.
  • CENTELHA Program. The Centelha Program aims to encourage the creation of innovative ventures and disseminate the entrepreneurial culture in Mato Grosso do Sul. This initiative is promoted by the MCTI and Finep, in partnership with the CNPq, Confap, and Fundação CERTI and, in Mato Grosso do Sul, it is carried out by the FUNDECT and SEMAGRO.