SINTMOL Biotechnology


SINTMOL Biotechnology: The SINTMOL served by the Biotransformation, Fermentation, Biocatalysis, and Bioassay Laboratory

Biotransformation/Biocatalysis: Enzymes and microorganisms are employed to biotransform and biocatalyze organic substrates (bioactive or otherwise) to trigger or potentiate biological activity. Ongoing research: production of antibiotics by fermentation; search for new antimicrobials from fungi; biotransformation of organic compounds.

Bioassays: The laboratory is equipped to bioassay synthetic organic compounds, particularly to explore features related to: 

  • antimicrobial activity (bacteria and fungi);
  • larvicidal properties;
  • antioxidant ability;
  • tyrosinase inhibition;
  • acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibition. 

The laboratory is managed by: